Alexandre Herchcovitch (born 1971), Fashion Designer

Brazilian Designer Alexandre Herchcovitch Changes the Fashion Industry With his Unique Designs


Designer Alexandre Herchcovitch has remained one of Brazil’s most noteworthy fashion designers throughout his 14 -year career in fashion. He has made an unquestionable mark on the fashion industry on the whole. Herchcovitch’s designs are avant-garde. His clothes are a favorite of drag queens and transvestites in his local town of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Herchcovitch pairs fantasy with the practical. Some of his more controversial designs include bold frocks, outfits made of molded rubber and sequins, loud patterns, dresses constructed from trash bags, and religious icons. Alexandre Herchcovitch’s designs express information about the person wearing the design, such as how they see the world.

Who Is Alexandre Herchcovitch?

Alexandre Herchcovitch was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Herchcovitch’s designs were encouraged by his mother’s distinctive style. She motivated him to follow his dream. Herchcovitch’s mother provided him with basic lessons in fashion modeling and sewing when he was just ten years old. After learning how to sew and understand patterns, Herchcovitch became proficient in creating designs. His mother wore the clothes that he designed to parties. This led him to sell his collections to friends. Herchcovitch attended the Santa Marcelina School of Fashion. He was among the first generation to train in formal fashion design in Brazil.

Herchcovitch’s Designs Influenced the Culture of Brazilian Youth

Herchcovitch studied at Religious Zionist Orthodox Jewish school, while at the same time attending the alternative clubs of Sao Paulo night life. This conflict had a strong influence over his work, and his designs turned the classic into contemporary, plain into glamorous, and the simple into complex.

Herchcovitch designs became an icon of Brazilian youth in the nineties. His designs reflect his love of art, prints, textiles, and Brazilian culture.

Herchcovitch serves in a director role at Senac Fashion Design University Center in Brazil. Herchcovitch launched his very first international store in Japan. In 2007, Herchcovitch has served as creative director to the brand of womenswear, Cori. He has designed bedroom and bathroom collections for Zelo, as well as designed shoe wear for Melissa sandals, and recently was named creative director for swimwear label Rosa. Herchcovitch is the only Brazilian designer member of the Fashion Trade Union Association.

What Has Made Herchcovitch Famous?

Alexandre Herchcovitch gained international exposure for his avant-garde designs. This exposure caught the attention of the international fashion industry . Herchcovitch’s designs have been featured during Fashion Week in several cities across the world, including New York, London, and Paris. He has also been featured in Vogue, Elle, and Herchcovitch is quickly becoming a serious name in the fashion world thanks to his unique designs. These designs have transformed the way the world thinks about Brazilian fashion. Herchcovitch now produces four design collections per season. Herchcovitch will likely continue to be a big name in Brazilian fashion design based on the popularity of his unconventional designs.