Carolina Herrera (born 1939), fashion designer

When Fashion Meets Tradition

Fashion gives us the power to express ourselves and our culture. When fashion meets great leadership the possibilities are endless. It begins with a vision and it takes a special person to make that vision become a reality. A true success story is when a fashion brand becomes a household name. What a dream it would be to have your clothing line carried in hundreds of stores across many countries!

Carolina Herrera was born on January 8th, 1939 in the busy capital city of Caracas, Venezuela. Her father was the former governor of the state and her mother was her first fashion icon. Herrera’s family roots can be traced all the way back to the 1500’s in Venezuela. Talk about tradition and culture! Her grandmother first introduced Herrera to the world of fashion. They would fly to Paris to watch luxury fashion shows such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, and Dior. At that very moment, Herrera grew a burning passion for the art. She had an eye for elegance at an early age as well as expensive taste. She admits that her greatest inspirations came from everyday life and the women whom she was surrounded by. Herrera made her greatest leap of faith when she embarked on her journey to New York. Little did she know her career would never be the same again!

The 80’s decade was a booming time for the fashion industry; people began to express themselves more and their unique sense of style. During the fall of 1980, Herrera traveled to New York with more than a dozen dresses. Very quickly designers wanted to take her line of her hands! With the help of a business partner back in her hometown, Herrera was able to establish her company the following year in New York’s most prominent fashion areas. Her line was so successful that in the first year it was showcased at New York’s Metropolitan Club. It’s the same club where Vogue editor hosts their annual Met Gala, a very private event for high profile celebrities and designers. Carolina Herrera’s line represents elegance and feminism in a very classic manner. The Venezuelan-American Fashion Designer made her vision a reality. Her brand is now a luxurious line that is carried in 280 stores across 104 countries.

Carolina Herrera’s became an overnight success story when she designed Caroline Kennedy’s (daughter of former president John F. Kennedy) wedding dress in 1986. She has also been featured on the cover of Vogue seven times! This achievement alone broke many barriers for the Latin women. Herrera continues to serve as the creative director for her brand and has been awarded many achievements for her outstanding work in the fine arts industry. She has expanded her empire with cosmetics and a fragrance line for men and women. Now she serves as a fashion icon to her two daughters just the way her mom and grandmother were to her! It all began with a creative vision.