Christy Turlington (born 1969)

Christy Turlington: Latina Supermodel

Supermodel Life

As a young woman, Christy Turlington gained international attention when she modeled for the Eternity campaign for Calvin Klein in 1989. She became a world renowned supermodel who again modeled for Calvin Klein in 2014. She continues to represent Maybelline cosmetics to this day. She became the world’s top paid model, pursued by all the top designers of the world. She was named Women of the Year by Glamour magazine and Time magazine ranked her with the 100 Most Influential People in 2014. In the modeling world, her ranking with Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell has come to be called “the trinity”.

High Flying Family

Ms. Turlington was born at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, in 1969, in Walnut Creek, California. her father is a pilot for Pan Am and her mother is a flight attendant, originally from Cojutepeque, El Salvador. She was on horseback in Miami, Florida when she caught a professional photographer’s eye. She began her career at only 14, after school and in the summer, working around her schedule as a high schooler at Monte Vista High. She moved to New York City at 18 and graduated from high school later. When she had the chance in 1994 to attend some higher learning, she attended Gallatin School of Individualized Study, a part of New York University. She graduated with honors and a BA in Art, concentrating in Eastern Philosophy and Comparative Religion.

Skyrocketing Success!

By the 1990s, Turlington had taken the world by storm. She was featured in the documentary, Unzipped, about the famous designer Isaac Mizrahi, and then other documentaries. Then Robert Leacock made Catwalk, a documentary specifically about Turlington’s life of fashion. American Vogue labeled her one of the great modern “Muses”. She has appeared in multiple music videos. She had actually done a famous music video quite young, at 17, for Duran Duran’s “Notorious”. George Michael created his “Freedom!” music video, based on Turlington and 4 other supermodels featured on a British Vogue cover that caught his eye. It seems everything this woman touches turns to gold!

She is Her Fame

Although she makes it seem effortless, Christy Turlington has worked extremely hard to achieve all these series of magnificent victories. She has become more intensely involved in world politics and especially in the area of women’s rights. She was an open signer on the ONE Campaign, petitioning Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel to bring a stronger focus on the issues of women’s rights and fair treatment, especially in South Africa’s AU. This would affect how the UN divides up annual funds. After meeting Ed Burns at a party in the fabulous Hampton’s, NY, she married him. There were relations in between those events. But her jet-stream sprinting life was too much for Mr. Burns, and he left her sphere of influence in 2002. Ah the problems of the super famous.