Diego Bertie (born 1967)

A Strong, Dedicated Performer

One of the greatest Peruvian actors of today is a man by the name of Diego Felipe. It takes more than simply adequately performing a roll to be a great actor; and Diego Felipe is certainly more than a conventional performer. The modern world tends to get caught in technological entertainment. What is forgotten is that in the past, exceptional skill and long tradition combined such that plays and theatre were performed live, and communicated more thoroughly, effectively, and entertainingly than any of the contemporary methods. No modern bevy of films could keep an audience raptly entertained by the compelling ideas and performances of the characters as the four-hour plays in Hamlet’s day could. And that’s not to mention the theatrical traditions of Spain! Certainly, modern film and artistry are not without value; but it’s wrong to abolish established aesthetic trends simply because social attachment has shifted! Diego Felipe is a traditional artist in this classic sense; performing in multiple mediums from roots established in the long tradition of live performance core to the art of visual narrative in any degree.

Diego Bertie came into this world in the year of our Lord 1967, on November the Second. Diego has retained his name on stage–well, most of it. His full name is Diego Felipe Bertie Brignardellow. As an actor, some of his most well-known film works include The Good Bastard, Without Compassion, and Under the Skin. Married since 1998, Diego Bertie has one child with his wife Viviana Monge. His decent is Italian and British. Diego studied in Lima, at Markham College of Peru. Throughout the eighties Diego also branched out into song. He was part of the pop group Imagenes.

Diego has performed in nearly thirty well-known plays and musicals, and eighteen Telenovelas. He is tall at six feet, one and a half inches; and his height as well as his demeanor and lineage have given him exceptional stage presence. He has had a variety of leading-man roles throughout film, television and theatre. A disciplined journeyman with passion and technique in the craftsmanship he brings to the stage, Diego is an accomplished performer with a solid career who continues to deliver captivating performances in a variety of media. Diego has a strong emphasis on culture in and throughout his work.

Currently, Diego Bertie is forty-eight years old, and his career has been a long and steady one. He began humbly and worked his way to where he is today steadily; through hard work and sacrifice. Film, theatre, and the varying telenovelas with which he is involved are mediums that require taut discipline and dedication, and these are in part the cause of Diego Bertie’s fame. Beyond that, “The lot is cast in the lap, but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord.” I.E., it doesn’t matter how dedicated a person is, if destiny has other plans. But certainly, Diego’s dedication and discipline have yielded the fruit of captivating performance, and so Diego has been bringing audiences into the world of his characters for decades. He is also well-known for his work in pop music throughout the eighties; though that has a more exclusive nature to it than his film work.