Joaquín Torres-García (1874-1949), Constructivist Painter

We see art in our daily routine, a true artist is able to capture that moment and share it with their audience. They are able to create a piece that says a million words. They are able to relate with a person with just a single stroke of paint. Art speaks to an audience and has the ability to bring out different emotions within us. It can express fear, confidence, happiness, sadness. A leader in the art industry is someone who brings something new to the table. They aren’t afraid to break new barriers. They are leaders of their craft and teachers of the fine arts. They inspire people through their own creations and how they see life.

Joaquín Torres-García was born on July 28th, 1874 in Montevideo Uruguay. His father was originally from Spain and his mother was from Uruguay. He spent much of his childhood in Uruguay where his father opened a general store. Much of Torres-García’s inspiration came from his own father’s shop. He witnessed the daily routine of life near a major port city. Where busy trains would come by and lots of life happened. In 1891, his family moved to Barcelona Spain where Torres-García studied fine arts. He began his artistic career in modern Barcelona. The city was full of life, full of culture, full of inspiration! Soon his style became just that, “modern life”.

Torres-García was the father of the universal constructivism theory and introduced South America to a new meaning of painting. His theory in constructivism painting symbolized geometric abstracts and intuition of man and nature. His work includes precise patterns of lines, symbols, shapes of all different sizes. He is also known as being a pioneer of the renaissance of classicism. His artistic movement touched many throughout Europe, North America and South America. Because he was part Uruguayan and Catalan (a region in Spain) he was able to attract a broad Latin community, making him a great leader in the Latin world! Torres-García was a fan of implementing pre-Colombian influences into his art and it’s evident in his pieces.

Joaquín Torres-García was a pioneer of his time. He was an artist, a teacher, philosopher and visionary all in one. Torres-García implemented geometric patterns with symbols and integrated grids. He believed that this would give his art a unique balance. It definitely set him apart from his peers. His unique style continues to inspire people as his work is seen in famous museums across many countries. His passion has allowed him to make pieces that truly exhibit the meaning of life with a Latin twist. Torres-García’s pieces sell for a high dollar in this market! He has opened many doors for Latin artists and influenced many trends even to this day. His work is simple with precise symbols that become so complex the more you study it. It embodies the meaning of life in a modern art form.