Lito Vitale (born 1961), Composer and Performer

Media plays a great role in the dissemination of information. The information we get from the media is crucial in making the world aware of what is happening around it as well as making itself conversant with what is within it. Through media and technology, the world today has become what is commonly referred to as a global village, meaning that what is happening in one part of the world is immediately known to other parts of the world. In addition, individuals who have done exemplary in different fields become globally famous thanks to the media. One personality who has gained fame through the media due to what he has done over the years is Lito Vitale.

Lito Vitale was born Hector Facundo Vitale on the 1st of December 1961, in Villa Adelina, Buenos Aires province of Argentina. He is a musician, a composer,an arranger, a performer, and quite a talented piano player. Since childhood, Lito was a great musician who benefited immensely from her mother Esther Soto, a distinguished music teacher who coached him. Lito Vitale belongs to an emerging generation of composers in Argentina who have managed do music by combining jazz, folk-music, and the tango. He is also a host of several television programmes where he does his music enjoying a huge audience. He is also an award winning music artiste.

Lito Vitale has done pretty well in his music career. While at the age of 13, he co-founded a music cooperative with other musicians from his locality. The cooperative named MIA, referred to as the Independent Associated Musicians, attracted rock audiences in the late 1970’s despite the enormous political mayhem that was common those days. They managed this due to both their local roots and the family atmosphere that they demonstrated.Starting the 1980’s, Vitale recorded and performed music in collaboration with other musicians in Argentina. For example, together with Dino Saluzzi, Bernardo Baraj and Lucho Gonzales, they formed “the trio”. This outfit was popular among radio DJ’s, college students and other jazz audiences.He has several albums among them the famous“Tango Argentino” whose category is mainly instrumentals.

Lito Vitale became famous through music. Although he was a musician right from a tender age, his fame emerged in the 1990’s when he made several collaborations with other musicians recording quite a number of tango standards. Their ability to mix jazz, tango and folk-music won them admiration from various classes of audiences.This led to a Latin Grammy award which they received in 2000. It is also during the 1990’s that Vitale and his associates began performing in festivals notably the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1998. He also received other individual awards such as the prestigious Argentine Konex Award in 1995 as an arranger and in 2005 as an instrumentalist. Vitale’s fame has also received a huge boost from his daily television programme Ese amigo del alma.