The Life Of Norma Aleandro

Norma Aleandro has had quite a distinguished career in acting. She has not only acted in movies, but she has also been a screenwriter for them. Her acting career has also been an exceptionally long one, and it is still ongoing. In fact, she has acted for more than 50 years! She was born and raised in Argentina, and she still lives there. However, she has also lived in both Spain, Uruguay, and The United States. Her acting career extended beyond the world of Latin American films into the United States. In fact, she has also been a Hollywood actress who was given an Oscar award! Despite currently being 79, she actually starred in a film quite recently. The last movie she starred in thus far was during 2012!

Norma Aleandro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina during 1936. Her upbringing certainly leant itself to being a well known actress. Norma Aleandro’s father acted in film himself. His name was Pedro Aleandro, and he appeared in several different Latin American films during the mid-20th century. Amazingly, her sister also became an actress! She acted in several different films. So, Norma Aleandro came from a family that was already quite involved in the world of film acting. Amazingly, her son also followed in the family’s footsteps! Her son, Oscar Ferringo, also became an actor! However, Norma Aleandro was the biggest actor in the family. It is truly incredible that she is still involved in the acting world at the age of 79!

Norma Aleandro has been heavily involved in film acting since her teens. When she was in her mid-teens, she acted in her first film. As time passed, her acting career got more and more distinguished. In the 50s, there was only one appearance during 1952. Then, the 60s were very prolific for her film career. She appeared in numerous Latin American productions. Then, during the 70s, she became a political activist. This was a very life changing decision for her, as it resulted in her being forced out of Argentina! For a time, she lived in Uruguay and also in Spain. Luckily, she was able to ultimately come back to her home country. This was when her acting career really began to take off.

In the year 1985, she was in a movie that became popular outside of Latin America. The name of this film was The Official Story. The production led to her winning awards. One of these was “best actress”. However, her career hit yet another milestone. She made it into Hollywood! Not only did she make it into Hollywood, but she even won awards there! In 1987, the film Gaby A True Story was filmed. Her acting in this film got her an Oscar! This really gained her fame and notoriety in the United States, in addition to her other Hollywood roles. Then, she went back to her home country. While she was there, she won another film award, which gained her even more fame. As time continued, her notoriety likely increased, as she continued to be involved in acting despite her older age.