1. Alexandre Arrechea, born in 1970, was educated at the Superior Art Institute of Havana, ISA where he graduated in 1994. He was a member of the Los Carpinteros group for 12 years. These artists combined their talents, presenting their work as a group, rather than as individual artists. Arrechea left Los Carpinteros to pursue a career as a solo artist. Some of his work is powerful swirls. Arrechea’s work has been murals as well as paintings. His recent solo exhibits include,El Mapa del Silencio (The Map of Silence),THE MAP AND THE FACT, and DOS, Casado Santapau Gallery.

2. David Guzmán, born in 1969 in Mexico, is a visual artist whose artwork has been sold at Sotheby’s for about $40,000. Arrechea likes to make exhibits of rock and steel. ‘INTEGRACIÓN’ was a piece of volcanic and steel shaped like rings and intertwined. Arrechea’s style of art specializes in the computer art. He is not to be confused with the actor or the football player.

3. Lucia Fainzilber loves dabbling in camouflage self-portraits. She is an art photographer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1986. Fainzilber studied art in film making at The University of Cine in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, graduating in 2008. Fainzilber studied color correcting film at Visual Mastering Studio before moving to New York City to study photography at International Center of Photography. She likes to stay hidden behind her masterpiece selfies. Her most popular collection is called Somewear, in which her back is either turned away from the camera or she’s wrapped up in garments of leaves of colorful fabrics, mummy-like.

4. Raul Recio was born in the Dominican Republic in 1965. He enjoys painting landscape pictures with surreal scenery. One of his most interesting paintings is Paisaje Tropical, 2010, of a highway with tree-like objects in pots, pipe-like and cubed objects lining the highway. Recio likes to paint his scenic paintings in acrylic. Some of his paintings are sketches of nature or rivers and leaves. His artwork has been displayed in the Guggenheim museum in New York City, NY. Early in his career, Recio, known as the bad boy of art because of his dark and negative choice of paintings,including dark marsh-like paintings, has grown into one of the most interesting Latin American artists and made it into one of the top five most famous and talented artists in all of Latin America. He began as a writer and turned to artwork in the middle 1990s. One of his bad boy of art pieces was of cannibals, with two prong metal hands coming together like dueling swords while there is skeletal head in the background, on a white cloth covered table.

5. Carlos Quintana is a Cuban painter who makes Havana, Cuba culture his subject for his art pieces. The Havana culture painter was born Carlos Alberto Quintana Ledesma on November 29, 1966 in the Vedado district of Havana and born into an illiterate family. He enjoys painted pictures of the Havana human experience.