When it comes to fame in Latin American music there are some artists that have managed to stand out much more than their counterparts. The following presents the top 5 artist in Latin American music that have risen up the charts and earned crossover success as global superstars.

1. Shakira

When it comes to Latin American musicians that have become true crossover successes Shakira is a name that you have to start with. She has become known for moving her hips and providing a lot of music that has a sexy Latin flavor. She is one of the younger singers in the Latin American culture, but she sold more than 60 million records worldwide. She is from Colombia, and Shakira continues to give back to the under privileged children of her homeland.

2. Jennifer Lopez

As a dancer that turned actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez have become known as one of the hottest acts in Latin American music. She has had hits that have climbed the R&B, Pop and Latin music charts. She has worked with celebrity managers like Benny Medina that is also responsible for the early career start of Will Smith. Jennifer – who is affectionately known on stage as J.Lo – has had hits with Usher, L.L. Cool, Ja Rule and ex-husband Marc Anthony. She has managed to secure a Las Vegas residence for 2016, and fans are already gearing up to see her perform.

3. Pitbull

As the sound of Miami, rapper Pitbull has finally brought Latin flavored rap to the mainstream. He has made a lot of music in the last decade and he has managed to become one of the Latin American musicians that have become a heartthrob to women. He has managed to really embrace the role of a gentlemen with a GQ styled attire that consists of suits for most stage performances.

4. Enrique Iglesiasl

Many people may assume that Enrique Iglesias has earned a spot as a top musician because of the legacy that his father left. This definitely helps anyone that is trying to get their name known, but Enrique has been able to make it on his own with platinum selling albums. He has stated that he has been influenced by music from Europe and America. He has taken some daring risks by creating music with musicians like Lil Wayne, Ciara and Usher, but his fans have continued to support his musicial growth down through the years.

5. Gloria Estefan

Most American fans will recognize the Gloria Estefan sound from the 80s. Her band – the Miami Sound Machine – was part of that era that introduced many Americans to Latin music. She would move on without her band as she got older and create many solo projects. The love her culture influenced her to create some Spanish language albums to reach a broader Latin music fan base. Her live is now acted out in a stage play called “Get On Your Feet.” This highlights her amazing music journey.