Hispanic power has penetrated political channels in Latin America and impacted society positively. Here’s the top 5 list of Latin America’s most influential politicians.

1. Congressman Joe Baca

A Democrat, Congressman Joe Baca served California’s 43rd constituency. The Mexican-American is a distinguished Vietnam-War paratrooper. He holds a degree in sociology and over 15 years serving community relations effort. In 1992, he served the California State Assembly before appointment as a congressman (1999). His most notable work is that of serving the state’s Congressional Hispanic Caucus house. He debated topics about human equality, especially where Hispanics weren’t opportune to assume leadership roles at top-tier corporations.

2. Hector Barreto – The Republican

Another Mexican-American political figure, Mr. Hector Barreto impacted the nation’s economy in a positive light. As a successful small business administrator, the Kansas native ran the family’s restaurant chain. With an appreciation of human factors and entrepreneurial disciplines, Mr. Barreto pursued politics. In California, he put his fundraising skills to the test while campaigning for Bush. His dad became an iconic member of the U.S. Hispanic-Business commune. Furthermore, he’s the founder of the renowned U.S. HCC (Hispanic Chamber of Commerce). His son headed the SBA(Small Business Administration) and managed an estimated 45 billion for the said organization.

3. Congressman Xavier Becerra

He served California’s 31st constituency. Congressman Becerra represented the Democrat party and was a powerful politician given his impressive electoral background. Also a Mexican-American, this Latino became the first to join the celebrated HWMC (House Ways and Means Committee). His fundraising efforts for the CHC (Congressional Hispanic Caucus) earned him nationwide influence, especially in the Latino community.

4. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart

Latin America embraced Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, a Republican politician of Florida. The Cuban-American and nephew of former communist dictator Fidel Castro’s wife began the pro-bono legal service initiative to the less fortunate. Later, he became a high-profile senior partner of a top-notch law office and Miami’s ASA (Assistant State Attorney). He was the first politician of Hispanic origin to serve the Rules Committee after joining the Florida Legislature (1986). The house recorded the most wins and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart became a candidate to join the powerful U.S. House of Representatives. He encouraged the idea of giving legal immigrants food stamps and disability benefits among other privileges. Before this, the WRL (Welfare Reform Law) prevented such an intervention. CARA (Central American Relief Act) penned by him, granted asylum to refugees. He also joined high-profile legislators of the U.S. upper house representing the Florida constituency. Miami Mayor Mr. Xavier Suarez sought his guidance following a successful career in public relations and marketing.

5. Congressman Henry Bonilla

This journalist turned politician became U.S. Congress first Texan-Hispanic Republican elected to office. Congressman Henry Bonilla served Texas’ 23rd constituency. The San Antonio native also served the board of the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Currently, he’s a distinguished member of the nation’s Foreign Operations and Defense Subcommittee and chairs the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee. In addition, he’s the U.S./Mexico Congressional Caucus vice chairman and a celebrated Congressional Border Caucus co-chairman